I would love to teach you voice. Lessons are taught either in my studio in Studio City (Los Angeles) or via Skype (so you can take lessons from me in any part of the world).


Each lesson is $150 per hour, with lessons paid in advance. Students are highly encouraged to record each lesson on their phones or tape recorder so that they may practice on their own between lessons. Students attending Charter Schools may also add me to their school's vendor list, so their school may provide funding for lessons. Charter schools I so far work with are: Inspire, Compass, Valiant Prep, Sage Oak, iLead, Excel Academy and Innovative Education Management/Sky Mountain. 

Private Lessons

Packages and Deals 

Students are encouraged to take weekly lessons to continue growing the voice. A package of 4 lessons can be purchased for $580 (saving $20 for that month). 

However, should students want more lessons, they may sign up for 8 sessions in one month for $1,040 (saving $160). Families may also buy packages of 8, sharing the lessons among family members.


You can also invite multiple friends to join you for group lessons and split the cost among yourselves (for example, if a friend takes a group lesson with you, you each pay about $75).


All payment is through Stripe, a secure payment processor.

Payment for each lesson is due at the time of scheduling the appointment (schedule appointments below). 

Cancellation Policy 

Lessons must be cancelled within 24 hours, or else the student will be charged for a missed lesson. Thanks for understanding! :)

Claire with her sister, Dove Cameron, and a fan
"Working with Claire has brought my voice to another level. She has helped me learn the basic techniques that I never knew I needed to help grow my voice. It has allowed my voice to open up and has pushed me to become so much stronger. Her guidance has also given me more courage and passion in singing! Thank you, Claire, for believing in me and teaching me how to embrace my gift!"
St. Louis, MO
Skype lesson with a student opening for Don McLean (singer known for "American Pie")
"Claire is an absolute gem! She is so kind, patient and knowledgable about her craft. She makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in, regardless of your skill level. Claire packs a lot into a lesson and manages to balance it with fun so you never feel frustrated and are surprised with how much you've learned. Claire is not only a great coach, she is a wonderful person, as well!" 
Laine and Emily 
Los Angeles, California
"I feel so fortunate to have Claire as a vocal coach for my daughter! My daughter truly enjoys her time with Claire, as Claire helps her improve her singing in a way that's supportive, challenging and fun. Claire's teaching methods have been invaluable in helping my daughter strengthen her singing voice in a way that ensures she doesn't damage her voice. She's improved a great deal after just a couple months working with Claire, and her improvement has been noticed by others. Once you work with Claire, you will quickly realize that she is not only an amazing vocal coach, but also a wonderful person. What more could you want? THANK YOU, Claire, for your awesome coaching and support!" 
Los Angeles, California 

"After two months of working with Claire--and really just being self-taught for many years--I got my first Broadway callback!!"

Anna, New Jersey

"As a mom we often aren’t sure exactly what we are getting our children into when we sign them up for new lessons and activities (especially when the lessons are via Skype and you don’t consider yourself a singer at all). But any worry you may have will disappear the minute you meet Claire. Her genuine warmth and openness makes it easy to connect with her. She is a born teacher, down to earth, lighthearted and brilliant at her craft. 

       Claire creates lessons that are not only fun--they’re both challenging and engaging.  Her remarkable gift of connection encourages her students to take chances and trust themselves. Her one-of-a-kind approach will change the way you connect to your voice and shift the way you think about your own vocal talent. Her ability to create a safe space allows her students to be vulnerable with their voices without any fear of embarrassment or doubt. Claire’s relatable approach makes the task of learning how to sing not only comfortable, but also fun and engaging.

       If you are looking to discover or develop your voice in a safe, relaxed, fun yet challenging space, Claire’s vocal studio is the perfect place for you."



San Antonio, Texas 

Skype lesson with one of Claire's students in Australia. Students can Skype from anywhere in the world
"Words cannot express how much Claire has taught me in such little time! She has taught me to be confident and relaxed during singing and how to control my voice. I appreciate her postive and gentle presence and she is a great example of an inspiring role model. For my first singing lesson, I was nervous, but when I saw Claire, she made me feel like I've known her for years. Taking her class was my suprise/gift [from my Dad] and it was the best gift ever!!! Thank you, Claire, for making this an experience that I'll never forget."
Los Angeles, California

"Before I started with Claire, I didn't trust myself to sing a single note. I always wanted to take voice lessons, but felt it was something you had to have natural talent for. I was immediately attracted to Claire, even through initial emails, with her positivity and reassurance that anyone can learn to sing. Claire managed to get me singing for my husband, in front of over a hundred people, at my wedding when I previously had not even sung in front of people in the car.

       I truly believe no one else could have gotten me to the point that Claire did in the few short weeks I had to work with her. Her knowledge and technique is astounding and her teaching methods had me catching on quickly. Claire's encouragement and positive reinforcement made me feel incredibly comfortable doing something that was very vulnerable to me. Her feedback and demeanor was very motivating, which is so important.

       I now tell everyone about Claire and how amazing my experience has been with her. I truly believe that Claire is a gem that more people are just waiting to discover. I feel extremely lucky to get to continue to work with her. No matter what your experience is, or your age, Claire has the knowledge, methods, and personality to make her the perfect choice as a voice coach."


Edmonton, Candada

Skype lesson with one of Claire's students 

During a lesson with television actors Riele and Reiya Downs
"Claire is one of the nicest people I've ever met. She is a patient teacher and she makes voice lessons fun. Since I've started taking lessons with her I've become a better singer. She's even helped me to increase my vocal range. You won't find a better voice teacher. I recommend her to everyone I know who wants to take voice lessons."
Young Nala in Broadway's Touring "The Lion King"
Los Angeles, CA

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