Listen to Claire on the Hometown to Hollywood podcast with Backstage expert Bonnie J. Wallace*

In this interview, I share my approach to singing, some approaches to different genres, what students can do to accelerate their learning, my belief that 99.9% of the population really CAN learn to sing, advice for vocal auditions, meeting with producers, and much more.


Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:


  • “The way you approach singing is the way you approach your life.”

  • “As long as you have good internet, you can take voice lessons with me from anywhere.”

  • “You’ve got to put in the time and the work, like with anything else.”

  • “You need to aim the sound into pockets of the face.”

  • On technique and practice: “Your brain is going to understand it much faster than your body.”

  • “I work with singers of all ages, including with a lot of young adults and professionals.”

  • “When you just jump in and start singing, it’s never as hard as you think.”

  • “There’s a fine line between fear and excitement.”

  • “Technique is pure science. If you do the work, you’ll get the result.”

Listen to the podcast here!

My story illustrates that with the right kind of help, anyone can create incredible results. With singing, coaching is critical to help you learn how to hit notes while preserving the health of your voice.


*Bonnie J Wallace is the author of The Hollywood Parents Guide and consultant for parents of young actors, as well as young adults, helping them navigate Hollywood and succeed in the business. With an acting career, coaching is critical to help you make the right choices, and avoid paths that could cost you years of time and possibly your well being. Need a little help getting your acting career off the ground, or unstuck? A single consultation with Bonnie Wallace can get you moving in the right direction and give you an action plan, significantly increasing your odds of success. Check out her Consultation page and sign up for a session today before any more time goes by!

“Claire is a voice doctor. She’s a surgical striker who gives you results FAST. In only a few short lessons, Claire helped me get a callback for Burr in the touring Broadway show, 'HAMILTON.' She even taught me to rap better!”

Cole, New York

Claire with her Mom, Bonnie Wallace, and a student

"The difference between Claire and a regular 'singing teacher' is that she not only has the top and most current techniques out there, but she also applies this intuitive, energetic, mental and emotional aspect. I spent years with another teacher with great techniques, but I wasn’t able to get past my energetic, mental and emotional blocks (which I didn’t know existed). She’s my vocal shaman, lol!"

Emily, Los Angeles

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