Claire as a Singer 

How to sing high notes with ease and power! From Claire's YouTube Channel

Do I have the right singing teacher? 

In a singing bootcamp with students from across the country, having only 6 mins to work with Claire due to a high volume of participants. 

How to eliminate tension by squatting 

How to sing, "This is Me" using facial resonance

How to breathe 360 degrees around the body for a full breath

How to sing, "Reflection" from Mulan using belting (a forward sound, and "thinning out" the voice)

Skype lesson with a student, learning about releasing the jaw and using "middle voice" to eliminate tension

How to SPEAK healthily as a singer!

Claire singing "Caro Nome" from Verdi's Rigoletto, PART I

Claire singing "Caro Nome" from Verdi's Rigoletto, PART II 

*Note: Although some of these videos are of Claire singing opera, she teaches a multitude of genres including Pop, R&B, Musical Theatre, Rap, and also Opera. 

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Claire Hosterman 

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