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“Remember, if you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible. But if you schedule it, it’s real.” -Tony Robbins.

As a kid, I always wanted to sing. But as I grew into my tweens and teens, my self-confidence plummeted and I found myself petrified to even let my parents catch me singing in the shower.


I was sort of “forced” (not really, but kind of!) into my first singing lesson when I was 15-years-old because the man who would become my singing teacher was using our house for lessons, and I kept shyly peering around the corner, watching him with the singing students with awe, wonder and fear. The day he yelled from the living room, “Come on, Claire! You want a free lesson?” was the day a part of my life began. I couldn’t hit most notes in the beginning, and some people would have called me “tone deaf” (I was majorly pitch challenged). But after that first lesson, something in me became alive and I slowly developed an insatiable hunger for singing and pushing

My Philosophy

past my comfort zone. ️ If you have always wanted to sing but thought, “No, I couldn’t. Claire, I AM that tone-deaf person. I can’t sing—I wasn’t born with it. People TELL me I suck!” then I challenge you to push past your comfort zone and schedule your first lesson today! After all, if you schedule it, it’s real. I use a kinesthetic and holistic approach to singing, tailoring lessons to each individual student and finding the approach that works best for their learning. I understand how vulnerable you can feel when you sing, and am highly sensitive and encouraging. I create a nurturing, safe environment where you can explore your voice, and your emotions while singing.  


I believe that everyone can sing, and that you simply need the proper technique that allows your voice to bloom. I believe passionately in each of my student's potential and support them in every aspect of their singing.


Your voice is so versatile that, with practice outside of lessons, it can transform dramatically in a small amount of time. My motto is, "If it feels good, then it's right. If it hurts, then it's wrong!" I believe that you must have an inherent trust and connection within yourself, so that, with my guidance, you can learn to sing by following your own internal guidance and eventually become your own voice teacher. 

"Claire Hosterman is easily one of the most genuine and sincere people that I have ever met. Right upon meeting my daughter, she made us feel as if we had known her our whole lives. While my 9 year old was a little apprehensive to take vocal lessons, all of those feelings went away as soon as she was embraced with a hug and Claire’s positive attitude, as my child has struggled with sensory and auditory issues since birth. 

Each week she worked with my daughter and with enthusiasm not only did she practice for hours on end at home, she would practice her vocal lessons on our drive to school each day using the different techniques that she had been taught. As a mother I was able to see how her confidence had grown in the short time that she spent with Claire and Elliah (my daughter) stated that Claire not only made singing lessons fun but that it was the highlight of her week.

I appreciated the time that Claire took out of her busy schedule to work with my child and feel very

fortunate that she shared her talents with our family. She listened to my child and gave her respect and the room to still be herself while incorporating several different vocal exercises.

I would highly recommend Claire to any person or parent whose child has a spark of interest in vocal

lessons because I guarantee that your child will gain so much from working alongside such a talented person."



Los Angeles, United States

Claire with a student in her Los Angeles studio

Praise for Claire 

"When I decided to take voice lessons via Skype I didn't know what I was getting myself into and I was absolutely terrified about the risk of not getting along with my new teacher. After meeting Claire all of my fears disappeared. I found myself in a warm, safe place where I could return to  every week. She is very supportive and encouraging even when her students live half way around the world. She has helped me improve both my singing and my confidence and has great empathy with my emotions when I sing. Claire is genuinely happy when her students 'get' something and I look forward to my lesson with her every week. She is with no doubt an amazing teacher."
Sion, Switzerland
"Even though Claire has been my teacher for only a couple months, I feel like I have known her for my entire life. We instantly bonded during my first lesson due to her amazing, kind, good hearted, fun, gentle and loving demeanor. I highly recommend Claire as a voice teacher. Her methods of teaching are extremely effective and overall super fun and I look forward to the days that I have lessons because of this. She is also super easy to get in touch with and never fails to go above and beyond to answer a simple question or make sure that you understand and feel comfortable doing the exercises. Claire is not only a fabulous teacher but also an amazing friend who genuinely cares so much about her students!" 
Marlton, New Jersey
"I took group singing lessons as a child and grew to hate them due to strict, cold, grouchy teachers who often made me feel inadequate as a singer. Claire is the exact opposite of all these things: she is fun, warm, bright and bubbly, with one of the kindest, most supportive hearts. Her passion to see her students flourish is abundant in every lesson. Despite being countries apart, Skype lessons with Claire always feel supportive, safe and comfortable. From the moment Claire popped onto my screen she was able to calm any nerves and insecurities I had about singing and my voice. I went to Claire seeking to regain confidence and strength in my voice and have found myself growing in leaps and bounds with her help. Lessons with Claire are always fun and I’m constantly discovering something new about my voice and what it can do each week.  Learning to sing has never been more fun or exciting for me!"
Melbourne, Australia
"Our daughter, Evie, is 7 and takes classes with Claire via Skype and we couldn't be more pleased. Claire has such a caring and joyful personality and Evie looks forward to working with her each chance that she gets. After each session, Evie walks away feeling more confident and is full of excitement as she radiates with the positivity that Claire exudes. Truly, Claire is everything parents could want a teacher of their child to be. She is so very encouraging and yet effective in helping Evie to improve. The fact that Evie is able to grow in something she loves so much and do so with a smile on her face is something we truly treasure. Also, the flexibility of Claire's schedule--whether you need to choose a different day each week or need to skip a week--is so helpful when you have schedules as crazy as ours. We can't thank Claire enough for being who she is and for having such a positive influence over our little performer. Only problem now is that someday we are going to have to find ourselves in California because Evie yearns to meet her amazing vocal teacher, lol. Overall, Claire is truly a special woman- a super talented singer, with a heart of gold, and a willingness to share all that she is with others." 
Pittsburgh, PA
"Claire is a wonderful teacher. She's very encouraging and a delight to work with. She understood where I was and helped me reach my goals. She's full of energy and extremely caring about her clients."
Los Angeles, United States

Claire with a couple sharing a Skype lesson

"Claire has not only made me a better singer, but she's made me more aware of my instrument and how to work it to produce a healthy sound."
Los Angeles, United States

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